Major World Religions

Excerpt from Chapter 13 - Essentials of 4 World Religions

So, what I have looked for are books and ideas that seem to bridge gaps, or that may not fit that religion's conventional wisdom. Plus, I have looked for ideas that are not in significant conflict with my own psychological ideas and concepts about the human soul. What has emerged is my belief that there is an essential Taoism that fits well with an essential Buddhism, that is congruent with an essential Hinduism, and all fit well with an essential Christianity. Can the essential teachings of these religions be found now, over 2,000 years after these avatars' incarnations? My answer is, "often, yes."

The two essential ingredients or prescriptions of major world religions that I have found are acceptance of everything that is (loving what is) and non-attachment. Where followers and hierarchies and teachings violate these prescriptions, I believe they have strayed from the essential teachings, the best teachings. You could also consider these two ingredients as part of one overall ingredient, namely love. But love has so many other connotations and hooks for people that I think it best here to stick with loving what is and non-attachment.

This idea of the universality of the great teachings was expressed by Japanese Zen poet Ryokan centuries ago: "In all ten directions of the universe; there is only one truth; when we see clearly, the great teachings are the same."

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