Unanswered Prayers

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

There are important soul messages that unanswered prayers have to give us - "What you ask for is not appropriate for you now; what you ask for may or may not manifest in the future. If the current situation bothers you in any way, then you have lessons to learn." The fact that you get bothered indicates that your soul would like you to learn at least something about that lesson now. It may be, of course, your choice to avoid the lesson by praying harder, by meditating, or by grabbing for some other pacifier.

New Age folks do not trap themselves as often by prayer as do those who are following conventional religious paths. In fact, some New Age folks disdain prayer as being inferior to meditation or their own favorite rituals and ceremonies. (This disdain is a critical judgment that shows a lack of love and acceptance.)

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Materialism is not just the gathering of goods to me but also includes the belief that if I can't sense it with one or more of my five senses, then it is suspect. The idea that one might choose to believe something before actually sensing it is considered daft."