Unwanted Basic Spiritual Truths

Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Six Spiritual Disciplines

Unwanted Basic Spiritual Truths Trap. Some think that because Tom is not a Native American that what he says is not as good as what Native American teachers have to offer. This is a type of biased prejudiced thinking that affects many societal groups today; many women discount what men say, many gays discount what straights say and many African Americans discount what Caucasians say. A more useful path is to learn to recognize truth where you find it. Truths often come from unexpected places and from unwanted teachers.

Some criticize the anger that Stalking Wolf had and Tom Brown has about current human treatment of planet earth. But I suspect their paths have required that anger.

Grandfather's life story is an inspiration for all of us to realize that even if our paths are extraordinarily difficult and seemingly last forever, we are never truly lost. While most of us may not start work on a major life task at the age of 83, our lives do not become useless at the age of 40 or 65 or whenever. If we are here, there are Earth School lessons to learn.

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