Astral Soul Plane Travel

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

While it may seem as though it would be best to avoid the lower astral plane altogether, that is not my opinion. Instead, I consider the key ingredient to be the usefulness of the resulting communications. If you might categorize communications as childish fun, then they are not valuable and might well be a trap. Instead, I suggest finding your own higher guide, who will be interested in an ongoing relationship with you where teaching, healing and guidance are predominant.

For those who have locked themselves into strong inner fears, the lower astral plane is usually the only spiritual plane that they can consistently reach. They cannot often touch the mid-astral plane, where our souls reside and where consciousnesses go between lives, because that is a place of no fear. Because higher planes than the mid-astral are also without fear, they are also inaccessible to those with strong inner fears.

"In the lower levels of the astral plane, there are many entities who want to come back to earth. They might want to experience life through you… Most souls in this level are not evolved enough to help you and we recommend that you not channel these entities." Opening to Channel, (Roman & Packer, 1987, p. 42)

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