Native American - Toltec

Excerpt from Chapter 14 - Evaluating Spiritual Disciplines

* Native American - Toltec

There are several different sources of Toltec wisdom available today: teachers, books and/or naguals (i.e., shamans). Ruiz, Sanchez and Castaneda are the most widely read. While I have found their words to be of some interest, their appeal seems to be greatest for those who are pursuing pleasures in Stage I of spiritual development (see Chapter 2).

The Toltec followers I have encountered and have read about do seem to have placed high value on pleasures: trying for peak experiences over and over, using "spiritual" drugs, enjoying cult-like behaviors, avoiding painful pasts, using groups addictively, hero worshipping the nagual and strongly attaching to rituals and ceremonies. Instead of Toltec, I suggest Stalking Wolf (Brown, 1994) as a source for high quality Native American spirituality.

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