Criteria for Study Book-List for Spiritual Learning

Excerpt from Chapter 16 - 5-Year Spiritual Plan

You may object strongly to my failure to include some of your favorite books. Perhaps none of your favorites have been included. "And therefore, of course, it must be a highly flawed list." Not at all, for our favorites are customarily those we have strong preferences for and attachments to. It is attachments that keep us looping in circles for years and decades. Yes, we all have our favorites; and we may need to keep reading, studying and learning from them. But, it is learning from less popular and more confronting works that will challenge our status quo and propel us more rapidly toward the spiritual goal of being more aligned with our higher selves.

I think we need books that strongly challenge us. Books that force us to look closely at our personalities, our choices and our ideas will be the most effective in fostering our spiritual learning. Books that we "ooh" and "aah" over are most often poor choices for study because we are already along the hero-worship/infatuated/romantic path once we start the "oohing" and "aahing."

Books that require us to see both the positives and negatives in ourselves allow for the most change. Specifically, books such as the Michael Teachings books, the recommended Enneagram books and the books on the Human Design System all discuss the positive and negative qualities of our personalities, ideas, actions and life choices. Through study and self-examination, these positive and negative qualities can be uncovered so that work can begin to change the negative.

Vital, too, are books that strongly confront us psychologically. We cannot rid ourselves of our fears by covering them over, a process all of us learned to do while growing up. Therefore, briefly studying Janov's Primal Scream is likely to be essential if you are ever to understand some core issues in psychology. I have included two books (Kaufman's To Love Is to be Happy With and Katie's Loving What Is) that can be of major help in changing your psychological thinking.

The book you are reading now and my previous book (Be Your Own Therapist - online and a free read) may confront you with all sorts of ideas and emotions that you may not wish to face.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Frequently, the first growth step is to acknowledge the conflict within, between the old unhappy (often unconscious) childhood belief and the conscious adult belief of today."