Spoon Bending & Waves/Particles

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

Spoon bending is a widely demonstrated example of how the human conscious mind can influence outside objects (projection of consciousness). A group of people gathers, each with a metal spoon in hand, and they strongly focus on their conscious intentions to bend their spoons. Lo and behold, most of the spoons bend like putty and/or are significantly warmed at the bending point (not on the handle where the hand holds the spoon). This seems rarely to work for one person; but for many gathered with strong visualized intention, the result is many bent spoons. According to theories of randomness, even one spoon bending in such a fashion carries almost zero probability. To have it happen predictably "must be fraud."

Fun Growth Exercise. Instead of instantly calling spoon-bending a fraud, I suggest attending such a spoon-bending party. Alternatively, throw your own party if you know of no others in your vicinity. What do you have to lose except some old cobwebs in the brain?

For decades, scientists have known that whether a form of radiation would appear as a wave or as a particle depended upon what the observer expected. (In other words, observer consciousness influenced the outcome of what was thought should be either a 100%-predictable event or a random event). Such "bizarre" outcomes have been thorns in the sides of some in the scientific community who have believed in the goddess of randomness.

Instead, consider the possibility that randomness theory is like Newton's theory, valid only up to a point. The monkey wrench in Newton's theory arises when speeds approach that of light. Then Einstein's theories require alterations in Newton's formulas. In terms of randomness, it is my belief that the monkey wrench in randomness theory arises when there is significant conscious (and/or unconscious) intent. Such intent seems to significantly alter the situation and often overrides mathematical probabilities and randomness formulas.

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