What Does Your
Human Soul Want?

Excerpt from Chapter 1 - Overview

To find out as fully as possible what your human soul wants, I consider it vital to study three specific spiritual systems that have been channeled in the past century. One of the major values of these three systems is that folks rarely become overly attached to them. Unhealthy attachment is very unlikely, because these systems (when studied) regularly show us both our positive and negative qualities. Such a balanced view of positive and negative rarely leads to gushing feelings or unrealistic attachments. These three systems are:
1. the Michael Teachings,
2. the Enneagram, and
3. the Human Design System.

These systems, if studied carefully as suggested in Chapter 16, will reveal many of the choices that your soul has made for you this lifetime. Your personality structure will be revealed by study of the Enneagram. Your soul age, your life goal, your life attitude, your role and your chief negative features will be revealed by study of the Michael Teachings. The Human Design System will reveal many of your gifts and challenges, as well as many of your positive and negative qualities.

Most people (you too?) will have several excuses why they choose not to study as I have recommended.

Excuse #1: "I don't like your selection of books because you erred when my favorites were not included."Excuse #2: "I am following a (childish) do-what-I-want philosophy."Excuse #3: "Study and willpower don't work for me."

The truth is that our adaptive personalities (a.k.a. neurotic, false, or ego-driven personalities) have no desire to align with our souls. Because our souls have no fear, the process of becoming more consciously aligned with our souls will cause the fears of our adaptive personalities to surface. The reason we originally adopted these personalities as children was to quell and cover over our root fears. Therefore, you will likely find many excuses for failure to study these systems.

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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Knowledge of what various therapies are trying to accomplish is often lacking in clients. How in such cases could clients have personal power? Therefore, just knowing what therapy is trying to accomplish can often be a significant step toward its accomplishment."