Sexual Soul to Soul Contacts

Excerpt from Chapter 15 - Perceived Essence Contact

Whether people are able to perceive essence (soul) contact during sexual activities depends on their levels of inner fear as well as their motivations for sex. If sex is an activity in which a person is totally wide-open, then the chances for perceived soul contact are excellent. On the other hand, if sex is an activity in which one is trying to please, to be a man (or woman), to get off, to feel good, or to satisfy some other fear-based desire, then the chances for perceiving essence contact are much reduced or even eliminated.

I have had sexual experiences that included perceived essence contact during casual sex as well as with partners whom I loved. The key to perceiving essence contact in either case is the openness and the lack of fear. Orgasm may or may not occur. Often it is after the sexual activities are over that such essence contact occurs because of a very relaxed body.

It sometimes happens that one (but not the other sexual partner) is able to recognize the essence contact. In these circumstances, the partner who is caught by fear will typically react to the sexual experience with anger, sadness, judgments or denial (closing down). If only one partner is able to recognize the essence contact during or after sex, then ongoing sexual contact is probably doomed in this relationship. The chances for an ongoing beautiful relationship (with or without sexual activity) in these circumstances are almost non-existent, because the two partners are too different in terms of their levels of inner fear.

Nevertheless, the lack of perception by one partner does not mean that the experience was without value. Michael states (Yarbro, 1986, p. 109): "But let us assure you that chinks anywhere in the vast armor of your existence do open up possibilities for chinks in other areas and no positive experience of any kind, no matter how brief it may be or how dimly comprehended, is ever lost or wasted."

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