Earth School Spiritual Beliefs

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

Earth School Spiritual Beliefs Earth School routinely gives me demanding challenges my conscious self would prefer to avoid. Whatever challenges are thrown my way in life are always there to teach me something. I can choose to follow my old ways and suffer, or I can choose to change myself (ideas, emotions and/or body) to master the challenges offered me.

All three of the above beliefs are unpopular these days. Three popular ideas follow. First, randomness and being the victim are correct. Therefore, it is not possible that there are some important higher powers and meanings involved in the creation of challenging life events. Second, if I can be politically correct and blame someone else, then I do not have to face myself. Therefore, I refuse to believe that life challenges are there to teach me something. Third, I blame the handiest outside person or group for my distress, waiting for them to change so that I can finally be happy (which never happens because all those being blamed never will change).

Please reread the previous paragraph. It contains the root causes of much of our unhappiness as a society today. For if we could change our society's thinking away from that in the last paragraph, the improvements would be dramatic for all. Changing society involves changing individuals first. Do your beliefs need changing?

To resolve our distress here on Earth School, it must be moved through, not avoided nor blamed on someone else. Moving through distress is initially more difficult than trying to avoid it, but avoidance only works temporarily (like the addict's fix).

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