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Zelda = Free Online Yes-No Oracle

Specific Oracle Consultation (see Chapter 6)

Let me use myself as an example with a question for the runes of "What issues do I need to look at to further my progress in writing this book?" Because I know the three-rune selection has worked for me in the past, that is my choice today. I'll randomly select three runes describing the situation. These will describe, in order: the current situation, the course of action called for, and finally, the new situation that will evolve. The three runes I have randomly selected from my bag of runes are, in order selected (with the Viking name in parenthesis): Harvest (Jera), Breakthrough (Dagaz) and Possessions (Fehu) [reversed].

Harvest implies a favorable outcome provided I remain committed. I also need to remain patient because quick results are not to be expected. This is the current situation, according to the runes and it fits what I perceive rather accurately.

Breakthrough, as a course of action, implies the necessity for me to shift some attitude within me. This has been happening in my attitude towards the writing process. The writing process of my last book could best be described as grind-it-out word-by-word and sentence-by-sentence, not really enjoyable. Now, during the beginning stages of this book, I find that sometimes words flow very easily, which they never did in the past. It's obvious that a more positive attitude towards the writing process will help and to drop that word-struggle of my past would be best for me (and no doubt best for readers also). My initial reaction to drawing this rune was clever avoidance of any current emotional applicability to me.

Rune Stones Oracle (continued)

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