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Yet, as I think about the source of my difficulties with words, my childhood is obviously one important cause. My words were not welcomed then, most importantly any words that might contradict my parents. And my previous book (on self-help psychology) obviously did contradict many things they taught me! No wonder it was a struggle with words. This book contradicts much of today's popular thinking. I need to feel my childhood traumas with respect to this issue to get my words flowing for good. And so I have spent a few minutes by myself feeling and expressing (to the Mom/Dad of decades ago) my inner child's blocked feelings of anger, rage, hurt, pain, grief and hopelessness. It feels as if a shift happened in that feeling process that will allow much more freedom of words for me.

The Possessions rune [reversed] describes the new situation that will evolve from the above breakthrough. "Negative" events are coming. Possibly there will be: frustration at times, difficulty achieving short-term goals and more Earth School lessons that will probably not feel so good but are there to teach me what I need to know.

Overall, the reading indicates both pleasant and challenging things. If I can stay in the state of loving what is, then it will all feel good. If I am upset or bothered, then that upset will become the focus of my personal growth work.

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