Free Future Predictions - Enlightenment? Awakening?

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

Psychics often tune into one possibility without realizing that the future consists of a variety of different possibilities. In Yarbro's Michael books, Michael never makes predictions but always couches the future in terms of different possibilities. The latest world prediction in Michael for the Millennium has nine scenarios for the world, most of which Michael suggests will be rather unpleasant. Michael does not pander to his audience.

Recently I have heard spiritual psychics/teachers make three other pandering predictions that New Age folks are lapping up greedily:

This is your last incarnation.
Everyone here will be enlightened (or awakened) soon.
Everyone is going soon to the fourth dimension.

These predictions are popular because they imply there is neither work needed nor personal issues that have to be faced. How convenient that everything is already arranged so that we never have to return here, or that we reach enlightenment while we are here.

I think such spiritual predictions show an underlying lack of respect for the system of reincarnation that God-Tao created. Don't such predictions perhaps imply that for thousands of years we have been living with God's errors and that now God is fixing them? My belief is that the reincarnation system is not broken and does not need fixing.

Michael states the idea that if we destroy the livability of this planet, we will finish our incarnations on another planet (Yarbro, 1995, p. 50). His idea does not pander to popular New Age avoidance strategies and clearly contradicts the above three predictions that in the near future we are to be enlightened, or awakened or cycled-off-for-good, or transported to some higher spiritual dimension.

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