Popularity Trap

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

If a book sells millions of copies (is widely popular), most people tend to think it must have more value than a book selling less well. My opinion is quite different; the most popular New Age books usually provide easy ways for readers to cover over and hide from their inner truths. Readers' desires for such hiding are what drive up the popularity.

Its name is Public Opinion. It is held in reverence. It settles everything. Some think it is the voice of God. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), 1835-1910

The most popular traps into which millions of readers fall are characterized by feeling good, one-size-fits-all, or group activities (traps discussed in Chapter 3).

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Our childhood trauma knots propel us to act differently, to act for Mom and Dad in ways they want us to act, to win their approval to the maximum extent possible. We bend ourselves all out of shape in this search for approval and usually continue to do so well into adulthood."