Attachment to Pleasure, Desire, Fun, Excitement - Stage I

Excerpt from Chapter 2 - Measuring Spirituality

There are thousands of childish physical plane activities that provide pleasure, fun, excitement and satisfaction for those in Stage I. These pursuits are natural for children and baby souls (soul ages as described in Chapter 3) to go after and enjoy. Such pursuits will be followed until the time comes when the glitter and glamour become unsatisfying, which might take many lifetimes.

Never mind pleasure. Seek out joy. Pleasure is its shadow. But joy is real, a secret splendor running through all creation. Fae Malania

What gives pleasure to Stage I folks are often very childish things: Peter Pan (never grow up), fun, excitement, new safe things (they are usually afraid of the truly new), "my second childhood," bright lights, shiny metals, being anti-authoritarian, bathroom humor, nakedness, farting, raunchy sex jokes, glamour, etc. Whoever might not wish to participate in so many childish behaviors they judge negatively as being too serious, too old, dead, a party-pooper, etc. Even when Stage I folks talk of more serious things, excitement will often be the dominant feeling. They judge importance by how exciting it is, by how powerful the energies are that they feel in their bodies and/or by how many other folks in their favorite group are sharing the experience with them.

Because those pursuing New Age spirituality are mostly old and late-mature souls (soul ages as defined in Messages from Michael), who are often gifted with spiritual sensitivity and an inherent sensitivity to spiritual planes, one must ask the question, "Why are these older souls stuck here on the bottom rung of spiritual development?" One would expect their spiritual patterns to be more advanced.

One common causative pattern is that of invasion during their childhoods (after babyhood). This invasion may have taken the form of being sexually abused, of having no privacy, of being overwhelmed by a domineering parenting figure, or of being a substitute spouse for a needy parent. Extreme closeness with the invader results; this closeness mimics the natural infant closeness everyone needs as newborns. The result of this later invasion is that the typical preferred adult relationship will also show an overabundance of closeness, intensity and some childishness. Until the core aspects of the childhood invasions are felt and resolved, there will be an overdrive for overly close relationships. Common results are infatuation, placing a leader on a pedestal, enmeshed parenting and extreme resistance to finally "growing up."

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