The Lower Astral Plane - What Is It? Quality?

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

There are several (many?) planes beyond the earth plane and they are all spiritual. However, there is a vast difference in the quality of these varied spiritual planes.

For those with psychic skills here on the earth plane, there is the potential ability to communicate with the souls and entities on spiritual planes (astral or higher) via channeling, intuition, genuine visions, the Ouija board, automatic writing, etc. There used to be widespread belief that people engaged in this type of communication were talking with the devil or participating in great evil. Even today, those who overly focus on communication with the astral plane may often be so judged. Instead of evil, however, I suggest that we need to address ignorance. It is a real gift to have the psychic sensitivity necessary for such communication, but it also can be a trap when there is too much attachment to contacting the lower astral plane. For it is the planes beyond the lower astral plane that have the best stuff, the most useful stuff, the teachings we need, the souls we need to contact, the help we ask for, and the guides that can be with us for life.

It is reported that the lowest plane, the lower astral plane, is typically what we contact if we have psychic skills or where we go when we are dreaming. The lower astral plane also holds many unusual, or fragmented, or not-necessarily-human consciousnesses that can offer much doubtful information that can mislead us. I think it is reasonably accurate to state that those on the lower astral plane are generally connected here to the earth. Often they are ghosts who not yet ready for higher planes. The mid-astral plane is claimed to be the place where our essence or soul resides. It is also reported to be where we go between lives, to evaluate our previous lives and to plan for our forthcoming lives.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "The judgments that usually cause us the most difficulties and distress are those that (1)judge situations/ others as right or wrong, (2)judge situations/ others as good or bad, or (3)judge situations as possible or impossible."