Personal Soul Mate Affirmations (Law Of Attraction)

Excerpt from Chapter 7 - Law Of Attraction

The unwanted news about soul mates is that they typically arrive when we are no longer out there looking for them (e.g., we no longer need them to fill a psychological emptiness). Many have tried to manifest a soul mate. Unhappily, what often shows up is a relationship where you get to work on your stuff, your issues and your difficulties. Therefore, I recommend that you keep on plugging with your personal growth work and think that your soul mate, if present on the physical plane and destined to be your partner this lifetime, will arrive at exactly the right moment for you both. If you "need" your soul mate, you have important personal growth work to do now. Work on your neediness.

Which of the below affirmations would help you manifest more love? Modify them to suit your wishes and desires. You might decide to challenge yourself with at least one of the more difficult affirmations, perhaps one about abortion, political parties, sexuality, your body, or violence.

List of Love Affirmations. I love easily. I love myself. I love children. I love dogs/cats/animals. I love nature. I love my work. I love my body. I love my slender sexy body. I appreciate, value and respect those with opposite views on abortion. I appreciate, value and respect all Democrats and all Republicans. I appreciate, value and respect all those who are violent. I respect, value and appreciate gays, lesbians and others of alternate sexual persuasions. I respect, value and appreciate all men, all women and all those not of my skin color. I have great sex with a new partner. I love ____. I appreciate, value and respect ____. (Fill in the name of someone with whom you have difficulties.)

Get Your Fantasies Going. Develop very specific fantasies about all the ways you intend to get more love in your life. Are you going to spend more time with children in your extended family? Then make some plans, play some of their games out in your mind, make some efforts in that direction and follow through. Nature love? Then create some fantasies about being in nature, planting a tree, writing letters, etc. I love my body? Then start fantasizing about enjoying body activities. If you were a Democrat/Republican, what would it look like in your life to appreciate, value and respect all those of the opposite persuasion? How about doing the same with those who oppose your ideas about abortion?

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