Go for Inner Peace of Mind Instead of the Visualize World Peace Trap

Excerpt from Chapter 10 - Psychology

No doubt, you have seen the bumper stickers with the words "Visualize World Peace." The theory goes that by visualizing that gentle state it will be more likely to happen. Has world peace happened as the result of all those thousands of bumper stickers? Obviously not.

Could it be true that those displaying such bumper stickers are using them as a feel-good tool to cover over their own lack of inner peacefulness? Instead of peaceful energies being sent out by those folks, there is usually an underlying judgmental message that "the current state of affairs is not good, is not what it should be." Such judgments lock people into whatever "problems" they are judging. They become part of the problem. They are sending mixed messages to God-Tao and the world, conflicting messages that sabotage their attempt to help manifest world peace by visualizing it.

Do you remember the wise advice to "think globally and act locally?" Folks who display the bumper sticker "Visualize World Peace" are generally not aware that they are not accomplishing the inner peace of mind that needs to happen locally in their inner worlds. Therefore, their outer worlds cannot change.

Note: Highly effective activism requires a lack of attachment to the results of your efforts to change others. Lao-Tse, Buddha and Krishna all taught the desirability for being unconcerned with the fruits of one's actions. Are you unconcerned or still desiring specific outcomes?

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Human existence can be considered a house of four rooms, the rooms of (1)the body, (2)the mind, (3)the emotions and (4)spirituality. Therapies usually concentrate on just one or two of these rooms."