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Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

Zelda = Free Online Yes-No Oracle

The oracles to which I refer include the Runes, the Tarot, the I-Ching and the Toltec Oracle (Sanchez, 2004). Such oracles are consulted more or less frequently to get guidance about issues or problems. In my opinion, the above four oracles can prove useful in your quest to learn your earth-school lessons that your higher-self has arranged for you for this incarnation.

The first three (Runes, Tarot and I-Ching) may be consulted on the internet for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just search for "free Tarot," "free Runes," or "free I-Ching" at your favorite search engine. If you have never tried these oracles, do so! To my knowledge, the Toltec oracle is not currently available online.

I do not think it matters which oracle you select; your higher self knows what is available and will get the best information to you. Various "spreads" are available too, three card readings, six rune readings, spreads that include past, present, future, best outcome or challenge. If you have a preference for a particular spread, go for it. But, do not spend much time on which spread to select; spend your time on pondering the likely meanings for you of the cards or runes that appear.

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