Consulting An Online Oracle (Free Oracle)

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

Zelda = Free Online Yes-No Oracle

How does an oracle work? Well, assume that you approach one of them with a specific issue that you are unclear about, an issue with work or relationship. Perhaps your question is, "What is needed here for me to look at in order to change this work (relationship) problem?" You more-or-less randomly select from the oracle one or more items (runes or cards), and this is the oracle's answer to you concerning your issue. The oracles (online and/or free) give answers that point you in the direction required to resolve this issue. A free online oracle might suggest patience, or going with the flow, or expression of emotion, or letting go of an attachment, or trying something new. Each of the above oracles has many different suggestions available. The question is, of course, "Do free oracles work?" My answer is, "generally yes."

How is that possible? Consider that your ego (both real ego and neurotic ego) is asking the question and your higher self (your soul) is trying to help with an answer. My experience is that our higher selves often cannot give the full answer because that would short-circuit a lesson we have on the physical plane. But, given your desire to learn how you are contributing to the problem, your higher self can give suggestions such as more patience or trying something new. These can focus us into the area of learning/change that is needed to ease the issue/difficulty. The belief needed is that your higher-self/God/higher-power is willing and able to help you select a rune/card that will point you in a better direction. My experience and that of millions of others is that the oracle's answer (even that of a free online oracle) usually points out something useful. It doesn't seem to matter much which oracle is selected, because your higher self knows all the oracle's answers and will select the answers that will most promote your growth.

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