How Non-Attached Are You?

Excerpt from Chapter 2 - Measuring Spirituality

How Non-Attached Are You? Many who read about the Buddhist goal of non-attachment really don't get it in terms of what is actually means. It really does mean non-attachment to: relationship, goals, people, jobs, success, pleasure, service, spirituality, leaders, sexual orientation, etc. To be happy, homeless, celibate and destitute is probably no big deal if you are in your last few incarnations, which are the lifetimes when we are most non-attached. I am not suggesting you try to emulate non-attachment, because that would be your adaptive ego trying to look more spiritually advanced. Attachments will drop away easily once the life lessons are learned.

More Bodily Measures. Each of the following are alternative indicators of someone who is likely avoiding or has not yet learned all the lessons of the body:

1. poor posture,

2. moving like a much older person,

3. lack of exercise, or

4. being 10 lb (5 kg) or more overweight.

The above alternative spirituality measures are useful, particularly in cases where the three measurements I suggested earlier in this chapter seem unclear or are unavailable.

Chapter Quick Summary:

Three Useful Measures of Spiritual Advancement and Inner Peacefulness
1. Bodily measurements of blood pressure, heart rate and extremities' temperature
2. Evaluation of what gives most satisfaction: pleasures, success, service, or liberation
3. How wide-open is the face

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Men, seemingly more than women, have been adversely affected by the cultural prohibition against touch, particularly the prohibition against touching another man. It is a significant growth experience for many men to finally find the courage to hug another man for the first time, discovering that there can be emotional caring without sexual feelings."