Holy Nature - Soul Dancing with Natural Spirits

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

Most people need to be out in nature frequently. It restores their balance, refreshes them and allows them to function more effectively when they are back doing their regular activities. How much time in nature is required? That, I believe, is highly variable but vital for you to discover about yourself.

Excuses. Most of us have many excuses for failing to get out there in nature. What are yours? We usually give excuses that center on our children or our workloads. Your children, however, also need to get out in nature rather than being locked into formal activities, TV or computer games. You and your significant other might use some shared nature-time to improve your relationship and perhaps your sex life also. Have you really compared your effectiveness in your daily world when you have had some time in nature with the times when you have not? How about the difference in quality of the work you produce? Largely, getting out in nature is like physical exercise; there are serious unhappy long-term consequences for failure to heed our natural needs.

Tip: It is OK to often include thinking, aerobics or awareness exercises in your daily nature time, because nature's effects are generally on our unconscious spirit levels of awareness.

Some people need quite long periods (several hours) every day in as naturally wild a setting as possible. Others are satisfied with a ten-minute concentration meditation where the focus is on a patch of earth perhaps one-foot square (~700 square centimeters).

Finding Your Optimum Daily Nature Time. Please make your own experiments at least once a year to determine your current optimum. Figure out first what is a reasonable and doable amount of time. Then try it out for about three weeks. Why three weeks? Because that is the approximate length of time that it takes for most of us to incorporate new habits into our lives. (More about personal nature time is in Appendix B.)

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. John Muir, 1838-1914

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "More important than your thoughts about the size of your unconscious are your thoughts about its contents. Historically, it has been popular to believe in a dark, evil, dangerous unconscious that needed strict controls to avoid disaster. What a damaging belief to have about the unconscious mind!"