Michael Teachings Experience (see Chapter 12)

Excerpt from Book Appendices

I first read about the Michael Teachings in the mid 1980s and was part of a Michael study group then for about three years. We met once a week for two hours to study and discuss the Michael books. About every six months a Michael channel would attend our group to provide channeling.

My soul's choices for this time around according to the Michael Teachings: role = scholar, mode = power, goal = acceptance, attitude = pragmatist, soul-age = 6th-level-old, emotional & intellectual centering, with a chief negative feature of stubbornness and a secondary chief feature of impatience. I suggest you try to discover what your soul wants by starting to study Messages From Michael.

Now when I review the four Michael books by Yarbro, I am struck by the fact that in over 20 years, I have found nothing important with which I disagree. My study and validating by experience has not changed my perception of Michael. I think he has provided a coherent unique description of human and spiritual truths.


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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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