Spiritual Contentment Comes from a Happier Meaning of Life

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

One basic question that each of us must answer is, "What is the meaning of life?" Your answer to that question has much relevance to your ability to be happy. Many of us don't have solid convictions about the meaning of life and have uncritically adopted conventional wisdom expressed by those around us. There are many different answers to that meaning-of-life question, some of which automatically cause much distress and unhappiness. Other answers to the question allow for (but do not necessarily automatically result in) contentment and happiness.

The one common ingredient in answers that will allow contentment is what I call the belief in Earth School. Specifically, we all attend Earth School here on this planet for learning various things. The spiritual systems that seem to permit inner peace are those that include the belief that one major meaning of life is to learn about: oneself (body, mind, emotions and soul), the world around us, choice, relationships, values, service and a few of the myriad facets of life about which we are ignorant. On some levels, most of the major religions subscribe to this belief. But following any religion, whether organized or unorganized, is not necessary to gain the benefits from such a belief.

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