Astral Plane Magic Is Usually Not Worth Much

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

"We recommend that you never bring these (astral plane) beings into your body or verbally channel themů Your curiosity, your willingness to play with them or humor them will keep them around." from Opening to Channel, (Roman & Packer, 1987, p. 43)

It is valuable to be able to evaluate when we might be clinging to a lower guide/entity/ghost from the lower astral plane rather than higher guides. For more on this vital topic of guide evaluation, I suggest Roman and Packer's classic book, Opening to Channel. There are four characteristic traps that can help us evaluate spiritual guides and contacts:

Location dependence
Bodily feeling emphasis
Lack of ongoing relationship
Lack of teaching/helping emphasis

1. Location Dependence Trap. Higher guides do not attach themselves to the physical plane. They can reach us anywhere. While they might first decide to contact us in particular locations that are more conducive to our receptivity (temples, spiritual power spots, or out in nature), they rather quickly attempt to wean us from such an attachment to specific locales. For those trapped in a dependence upon specific spiritual location, not-very-valuable repeat visits tend to keep happening to such places as Lourdes, Stonehenge or the pyramids in Mexico and Egypt. Ghosts are also customarily attached to a specific location because they have unfinished work there. They are usually stuck and have no higher guidance for you. They themselves could use some help. Other entities, fragments, or consciousnesses that are location specific are unlikely to be higher guides and usually have their own agendas.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Make sure not to judge yourself as bad or wrong when you find yourself making a judgment. For you and your judgments are, of course, perfect for that moment. The key is to begin changing your path toward the goal of dropping that judgment the next time that identical situation arises."