Living With World-Wide Consequences - Spiritual/Physical Nightmare?

Excerpt from Chapter 17 - Predictions for Our Future

I do not think it accurate to believe that we have fixed destinies or fixed karmic futures. But, there are always consequences for our behaviors. Certain worldwide behaviors of today will have vast consequences in the future.

Population Out-of-Control Consequences. The likely consequences for the world's failure to come to grips with population control will probably be gruesome. In the history of planet earth, there have been very few time periods (and they have been short) where climate conditions would permit 6-plus billion people to survive (even assuming today's agricultural prowess). Wesselman states (1995, p. 131): "Humanity's social, political, economic, religious and environmental problems, I knew, have at their core a single cause: There are far too many human beings on the planet --- far too many. The preeminent human problem is that our population is wildly out of control. All the world's other problems stem from this central complex issue."

A climate that is a few degrees warmer or colder will likely cause massive starvation. Current signs point to warming because of greenhouse gases. Either possibility, significant warming or cooling, will be disastrous for human populations.

Ecological Consequences of Rain Forest Destruction and Toxic Wastes. The fact that we are destroying so many of the earth's rain forests will likely have severe consequences for our weather patterns and our ability to sustain 6-plus billion humans. We threaten the bio-diversity of the planet and our future well being by cutting down these tropical forests. Also, we have generated so much toxic waste that the continents and the oceans are inhospitable to life in many places. Climate distributes airborne wastes worldwide; everyone gets to sample the airborne junk. At a minimum, long-term health consequences will be unpleasant (and likely will be massive) as a result of current worldwide ecological choices.

Fat consequences. What are the future consequences of having billions of overweight people? What is just now being talked about is the significant reduction in life span as a result of these overweight folks. The obesity epidemic could well overwhelm the medical systems of most Western societies.

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