Improved Spiritual Peace from Past Lives Reincarnation Beliefs

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

Happier (More Peaceful Inside) Spiritual Beliefs [continued from here]

A system that espouses a Higher Power (perhaps one's higher self or God) who gives out such problems as challenges to overcome could prove to be a path of contentment.

Any belief system in which one vital meaning of life is that this is Earth School for all of us is potentially a satisfying belief system. This schooling could include learning about people and learning how to overcome poor self-esteem or childhood abuse. Earth School could also teach us to learn how to love, how to be an optimist or pessimist, or how to succeed in the more traditional areas of reading, writing and social studies.

If she (my client with a mild birth defect) chose any of the above belief systems, then happiness was possible. But it would require her to change herself. It feels so much safer to blame life or others for our discomforts. We feel so self-righteous; the problem is out there, not with us. For anyone who is likely to be permanently different, the standard USA beliefs of random-chance and one-time-around will result in perpetual unhappiness. (Permanent differences might include skin color, ethnic background, religious orientation or sexual inclination.) In fact, all of us are different from the majority in many ways because there really is no majority these days. If we are unhappy about our differences, it is our responsibility to change ourselves. If we do not change, we glue ourselves to perpetual unhappiness.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Four typical fears are: (1)I can't trust my spontaneity because I might do myself harm, (2)I won't be accepted if I laugh hard or play joyfully, (3)Creativity is often the work of the devil and (4)I fear I won't be accepted if I enjoy myself because there are starving people in Africa."