Psychic Skills - Fear Keeps the Focus on the Lower Astral Plane

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

Perhaps 30% of us hold superior innate psychic skills. (Human Design System analysts talk of three mystical channels that indicate potential psychic gifts for those possessing one or more of those three channels.) Psychic skills show up in all sorts of ways, perhaps by visions, auditory messages, kinesthetic feelings, intuition, precognitive abilities, skill with the Ouija board, etc. Nowadays, people who have these skills generally come to recognize them as spiritual gifts, whereas hundreds of years ago most thought them to be the work of evil or the devil.

The Psychic Skills Trap. This trap arises when people mostly develop their psychic capabilities to reach only the lower astral plane because of their inner fears. To tap into higher planes requires a significant reduction in fear, a significant loosening of the adaptive personality. Instead, fear keeps their focus primarily upon the lower astral plane and childish responses of excitement, pleasurable bodily feelings, fun, peak bodily experiences and how wonderful it all is. The lower astral plane does not lead to much wisdom or significant spiritual learning. Lower astral plane ghosts, entities and consciousnesses are typically oriented towards the physical plane and psychics typically experience them through bodily feelings. Higher plane guides may initially come to your attention by way of bodily feelings, but in the end, they have no real use for creating physical responses in your body. Instead, they are interested in long-term teaching, information and healing.

"So I've never had that kind of mystic experience, so lauded by many, in which a Jane dissolves into God. But I do believe that God 'dissolves' in all his beings, and that we rise into consciousness and song because our individuality in itself is a part of any Godhead. To throw away individuality is like throwing away the baby with the bathwater." Adventures in Consciousness, (Roberts, 1981, p. 206)

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