Basis For Evaluations and Rankings = Spiritual Intelligence

Excerpt from Chapter 14 - Evaluating Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Intelligence My evaluations and rankings of spiritual systems are loosely based upon five factors of quality:

That the system has at least one important spiritual idea that resonates with me
That the system helps us to see our positive and negative qualities (more in Chapter 12)
That individual spiritual paths (that appear to be unspiritual) are accepted (see One-Size-Fits-All trap in Chapter 5)
That the system permits and encourages types of psychology that do not help followers cover over traumatic pasts (more in Chapters 10 and 11)
That childishness is not fostered by the teaching (more in Chapter 5)

Rankings of Last Two Chapters' Systems

My rankings are loosely based upon one * for each of the above five factors of quality. (Maximum possible = *****)

**** Michael Teachings
**** Human Design System
**** Enneagram
**** Works of Jane Roberts
**** Loving What Is (Byron Katie)
**** Stalking Wolf (Tom Brown Jr.)
*** Essentials of Buddhism (David Brazier)
*** Essentials of Taoism (Wayne Dyer)
** Essentials of Christianity (Stephen Mitchell)
** Essentials of Hinduism (Mohandas Gandhi)

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "A most liberating and happiness-generating belief that one can have is to believe in the perfection of everyone around. Not only is Mother Teresa perfect, but so is Saddam Hussein and everyone in between. "Sure, sure, another bit of semantics or idealistic intellectualism," I hear you respond. Not at all."