The Human Design System

Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Six Spiritual Disciplines

While writing this book, there has been an ongoing debate in my mind whether to give the Human Design System top billing rather than the Michael Teachings. I chose Michael because I consider some study to be vital to our spiritual development; people often fail to study the Human Design System, they just get a reading. There is a vast amount of knowledge that a reading can give you about what your soul wants. Has your higher-self chosen your life path to be emotional, to be thinking a lot, to be a leader, to have an important talent, or what? These questions can be answered with a Human Design Chart reading.

Getting Your Chart. Download the free program from to generate hundreds of charts and have fun finding out what the people close to you are designed to be doing. (Or, various websites offer a free chart after you submit your birth information to them.) Getting a full interpretation of your chart will likely cost over $200USD, but reading the next several paragraphs and finding some interpretive information online is free. With the free knowledge in hand, you will probably make a good decision for yourself about whether to opt for a paid reading.

Interpreting Your Chart. I offer three quick bytes of knowledge. First, if your solar plexus center (the lower right-hand triangular center) is colored in, then you are designed to be an emotional person. Your emotions will come in waves, you need to wait a few days for clarity (snap decisions are often wrong for you) and people around you are also emotional (because in your aura, they become emotional, even if they are not normally so). If this center is not colored in on your chart, you will not be emotional most of the time when you are by yourself. This is the way you are designed. You can still express emotions and will do so, but not continuously.

Second, if your head center (the top triangular center) is colored in, then you are designed to have an internal pressure to be thinking all the time. This will make it nigh impossible for you to do certain forms of meditation where the mind is dropped (i.e., no-mind meditations). Don't blindly follow the common advice for such meditations. Your best meditations likely will be physically active or with a focused mind.

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