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Excerpt from Chapter 13 - Essentials of 4 World Religions

One particularly important idea in Hinduism is the necessity for avoiding attachments to the results of our actions. Perform your actions without hopes or dreams or expectations and the result will be much Stage IV freedom from attachment. This is expressed by Gandhi with the words (1973, p. 65): " he who gives up the fruits of action achieves freedom."

"He whose mind is untroubled by any misfortune, whose craving for pleasures has disappeared, who is freed from greed, fear, anger, who is unattached to all things, who neither grieves nor rejoices if good or if bad things happen, that man is a man of firm wisdom." Discourses from the Gita, (Gandhi, 1960, p. 56)

Overall, I am not that satisfied that any published Bhagavad Gita is particularly close to what Krishna taught. Many of Krishna's words ring very true, but some (as I pointed out above) seem doubtful to me. Readers will need to make their own decisions about its veracity.

Chapter Recommendation... You are probably still aligned subconsciously with your childhood religion. You are also aligned with any religion you practice today. I suggest reading and studying the specific books (of the four I have described in this chapter) with which you have either a childhood or current religious alignment (e.g., Brazier's The Feeling Buddha, Dyer's Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life, Mitchell's Gospel According to Jesus and/or Gandhi's Discourses from the Gita).

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "I suggest that you trust and explore all impulses. I do not recommend acting upon all. But they are always important to examine and to trust as valid on some level. If the likely consequences of following an impulse are acceptable, then acting on the impulse is also recommended."