Happier New Age Beliefs Lead to Spiritual Health

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

Happy vs. Unhappy Spiritual Beliefs - Chapter Summary

Just knowing which of the below spiritual beliefs are happy and which are unhappy can give you a boost down the change path to greater health and well-being.

Happy Beliefs
  There is meaning to life.
  My consciousness is eternal.
  Intent can alter probabilities.
  This is Earth School.
  There is no blame.
  My disability is purposeful.
  Any reincarnation system
  I get exactly what I need.
  This is a safe world/universe.

Unhappy Beliefs
  Life has no meaning.
  Consciousness dies with my body.
  Probabilities don't depend upon thoughts.
  Life events are random.
  It's important to blame correctly.
  My physical disability is unjust.
  One time around
  I am a victim.
  This world is unsafe.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "As an example, consider a person with many similar experiences such as severe and mild abandonments over the course of a lifetime. Trauma knots associated with abandonment will probably be very resistant to loosening for this person. Untying those abandonment knots may seem impossible."