Knockoffs of Low Quality - Not-So-Great Spiritual Healers

Excerpt from Chapter 16 - 5-Year Spiritual Plan

When one New Age teacher or system becomes popular with a Brand-New Idea, then a spate of books and teachers/healers tend to follow. Most of these follow-on books are riding the coattails of the previous teacher/system. Customarily they tell us that they are offering the real thing with important extensions and improvements. Instead, I find most all of them to be of lower spiritual quality.

Many spiritual systems have been attractive to knockoffs: all common religions, the Course in Miracles, the law of attraction, the Michael Teachings, Toltec and Seth. My opinion is that understanding the essential teachings will provide us the most benefit. Knockoffs often lead people in directions never intended by the original teacher.

A second type of knockoff is a follow-on book by the original teacher. Today there is great pressure to publish book after book to keep one's name in front of the audience, to make more money and to maximize one's influence. Many New Age teachers offer follow-on books that extend their teaching only in minor ways. Their fans love it: "This new book is so wonderful." But to more clear-headed outsiders, the new book is mainly a rehash.

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