New Age Spiritual Groups

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

Useful spiritual groups help us to communicate better and more frequently with higher spiritual realms. They help us avoid the lower astral plane traps and push us to learn our Earth School lessons. My experience has been that most groups are somewhat useful but often full of traps.

One's favorite spiritual group is one of the most common traps for people. Getting together with like-minded others is a recipe for sanctioning feel good activities, doing what we want, unquestioned togetherness, unwittingly or wittingly putting outsiders down without fear of repercussion and selfish childish behaviors.

The longer and more often the group meets, the more trapped its members are likely to be. If your favorite group meets regularly, for more than about six hours a month, then over-attachment is common. Why not take a vacation for several months from that group? "Oh no!" I hear you cry. That cry shows your attachment.

For groups such as the Anonymous groups (AA, NA, OA, etc.) this attachment and your attendance may be necessary as replacements for drugs of choice. Such a vacation is not recommended for Anonymous group members.

If one or more of the leader's behaviors are cult-like (see Chapter 5), members are trapped. I suggest avoiding all groups that evidence even one cult-like behavior on the part of the leader.

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