Manifesting Spiritual Gifts Usually Requires Study

Excerpt from Chapter 16 - 5-Year Spiritual Plan

To understand the systems I recommend in Chapter 12 also may require considerable effort. Most people just want the quick answers these systems might provide. To make such systems your own and to get a real comprehension of them requires significant time and effort, trial and error, batting ideas back and forth, enjoying the lack of a firm answer and enjoyment of the learning process. This is not a quick-fix process; therefore, many reject it today.

Those who think that everything spiritual is wonderful have little ability to evaluate the comparative quality of various spiritual things. They erroneously think that ghosts are as important as causal plane teachers, that feel-good entities from the astral plane are useful and important and that bodily-felt powerful energies are the best indicator of value.

High quality of any sort is almost never instantaneous. Most great musicians have practiced long hours, most great chefs are constantly creating new recipes and getting a Ph.D. typically requires years of effort. Great channels like Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts and Stalking Wolf spent thousands of hours at their channeling crafts. Many today are looking for instantaneous understanding; what they get are low quality quick fixes and shallow understanding. The latest New Age fad may be fast and exciting; but, in my opinion, it is rarely either wonderful or of high quality.

Multi-Year Spiritual Plan - Summary. Follow all four roads simultaneously: 1.Do what you want (most of the time). 2.Study three hours a week from recommended list of 20 books. 3.Keep an I-am-bothered-by list to help focus on areas that need growth. Review monthly. 4.Review everything once a year and start studying what has been "overlooked." Do a yearly (or more often) vision quest.

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