Destiny or Free Will or Life Task?

Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Spiritual Ideas and Choices

There is a mental choice to be made about the relative importance of free will and destiny. Has destiny ordained that you work at a particular job? Or, are you given complete free will to do any work that appeals to you? Do I have a predestined soul mate or is my free will in charge of partner selection?

My experience with those who believe in the supremacy of either free will or destiny has been that they lack calmness and are often spinning their wheels. Those who believe in the supremacy of free will become stuck in many detours brought on by their neurotic egos and adaptive personalities. Their "I wants" will lead them on many merry chases. Those who believe in major amounts of destiny will typically lack perseverance, drive and goals.

I believe there are many possibilities that your soul has prearranged for you, perhaps with agreements (which might be abdicated) with other soul(s) for being a life companion or for doing specific types of work. But for most people these potential plans made by the soul do not seem to add up to any fixed destiny. I consider a belief in prearranged life possibilities rather than destiny or free will to be more conducive to inner peacefulness. This could be called an overall life plan or as Michael (Yarbro, 1983) calls it, a life task.

The specifics of life plans can and do change based upon choices made by you and by others. But the overall plan often remains. Perhaps the overall plan is to be a musician, or a healer of children, or a disreputable politician; obviously, many possible life choices that would fit such overall plans. What we are able to recognize about our individual life task/plan changes over time as we become more aligned with our souls. Let me give a personal example, my own life plan, as I have perceived it in the past and how I see it now.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "My judgments as to the possibility or impossibility of a future event can be as tyrannical as my other right/ wrong and good/ bad judgments discussed earlier in this chapter. If I judge that event to be impossible, then it likely will be impossible for me. Yet if I judged it as possible, it might be."