Contact With Your Own Spiritual Essence (Soul)

Excerpt from Chapter 15 - Perceived Essence Contact

Contact is a two-way street. How does your essence contact you? Your essence (or soul or higher self) creates about seven dreams for you every night as well as many fantasies and daydreams. Your essence creates the parts of your life not created by your conscious self. Your essence regularly gives you many growth opportunities (all the stuff that bothers you or upsets you). Your essence responds to your prayers, meditations and wishes by giving you impulses, ideas, guidance and healing. Your essence monitors your every action and thought. Your essence is obviously very busy as well as exceedingly clever, gifted and fearless.

Most New Age folks contact their own essences using meditation, and I do believe essence receives all such attempts. But, whether the meditator accurately perceives the contact mentally and bodily is not clear. The feelings often associated with accurately perceived contact are expansive, quiet, total and peaceful. Most meditators carry fear-based agendas into their meditations (doing something spiritual, neurotic ego wants, do the right thing, and so forth). These agendas prevent most essence contact from being accurately perceived. If a meditator is losing bodily tension on a permanent basis (as measured by blood pressure, heart rate and extremities' temperatures as outlined in Chapter 2), then I would say that essence is being accurately perceived. If meditation reduces bodily tension only temporarily, then the meditation is being used like opium as a temporary feel-good mechanism; and essence will not be accurately perceived. For more on the seductiveness of meditations like empty mind meditation, see Chapter 6.

Perceived Essence Contact with Others - Quick Summary

Yes: gentle, lovely, delightful, intimate, wide-open, fearless

No: urge to repeat, thinking, strong feelings/energies, gender dependent, "wow!"

Sometimes: sexual behaviors, loving relationship, nakedness

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