Soul to Soul Contact

Excerpt from Chapter 15 - Perceived Essence Contact

There are three possibilities here. First, your essence but not your conscious personality contacts their essence. Second, your conscious personality contacts their essence. Third, your conscious personality and your essence contact their essence. (There might or might not be recognition and/or validation of this contact by you and/or the other person.)

The first possibility mentioned above (where your soul contacts another's soul without your conscious awareness) is very common. This happens all the time in the dream and daydream states, where we arrange with other souls for meetings, growth opportunities and learning. It also happens when we meet folks on the street; consciously we meet and greet them but our conscious personalities often do not perceive or recognize the essence of the other person. On the other hand, our essences, which are also present in such casual circumstances, do recognize the other's essence.

My truth is that my soul (essence) is always aware of what my conscious personality knows/experiences and will always recognize the essence of others I meet. If a person is significantly shielded in the moment by their adaptive personality, I have never been able to recognize their essence with my conscious personality. I know it is there, consciously, psychically and intuitively, but I don't see it or feel it. If they can allow a moment of openness, I will perceive it (providing I am open).

Our willpower and our wishes generally have little effect on the creation of essence contacts. There is an important exception, where we consciously attempt to contact and communicate with another's essence. Most anyone can do this. It requires no psychic abilities. Let me give an example, another dog story.

Human Soul - Dog Soul Contact

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