How Grimy Is Your Windowpane (of Spiritual Enlightenment)?

Excerpt from Chapter 17 - Predictions for Our Future

Stephen Mitchell (1991, p. 40) spoke of a metaphor called the windowpane of enlightenment: "The area that has been suddenly wiped clean of selfishness and self-protection - desires, fears, rules, concepts - may be the whole windowpane, or it may be a spot the size of a dime." Let me modify and extend this metaphor. I think the windowpanes of various folks might be grimy (= psychological junk), translucent (= not-enlightened), or clear (= enlightened):

Small children's' panes (before they acquire their adaptive personalities) are translucent (not clear), without grime and let much light through.

Most adults' windows are grimy, translucent, let little light through and are characterized by the fact that the stronger their adaptive personalities the dirtier their glass. If adults are able to shed their adaptive personalities, their glass will have the translucency of a child. (Reminder: childishness is not the goal.)

Most enlightened folks have a small section of clear glass with the remainder of the glass generally translucent, but still somewhat grimy. Spiritual enlightenment causes a clear area of glass, but does not clean all the grime off, and does not change the entire pane from translucent to clear.

After God-Tao manifested in them, Lao-Tse, Buddha, Krishna and Jesus had panes of glass that were 100% clear.

The methods I have recommended of study and aligning with your soul are methods that will clear away the grime bit by bit, letting more light through. But my recommended methods are not likely to result in changing either a part or your entire window from translucent to clear. The result of a clear glass area seems to come from a spiritual enlightenment experience. This, as I stated earlier, I consider rare and not likely to result from the methods currently being recommended by most of those who claim enlightenment.

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