Human Design System II

Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Six Spiritual Disciplines

Third, if your chart says you are a generator, a mani-festing generator, a projector or a reflector, then you have some unlearning to do about getting things that you want. In western societies, particularly in the USA, we have received learning and training to decide what we want and then go after it. This is bad strategy for 92% of us. It works rarely and often results in long periods of spinning of wheels. Instead, waiting and/or responding to others and/or the situations of life are the ways that will lead most of us to what our souls want. On the other hand, the manifestor (8% of us) can decide to go after something and then pursue it to success.

Hitler's Human Design Chart. I talk about his chart, specifically his three operating channels, to give a better understanding of how human design shows both the positive and negative qualities of each of us. Hitler's negative qualities were obvious, at least in retrospect, whereas most of the rest of us are better at covering over the not-so-wonderful aspects of ourselves. Consider his three channels: the 31-7 leadership channel, the 20-57 penetrating-awareness channel and the 18-58 insatiability/ encompassing-all channel. For better or worse, he had all three of these channels operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a 31-7 leader he obviously possessed great skills at getting people to do what he wanted, though his tyranny contaminated these skills. His 18-58 insatiability drove him to acquire more and more power and territory, instead of being able to display a more Buddha-like quality of the ability to encompass all. His 20-57 penetrating-awareness was often successfully focused on keeping himself in power but oblivious to his own lack of humanity.

Every bit of your Human Design can be used positively or negatively. Where the negative aspects display themselves, we have lessons to learn, lessons we most likely wish to avoid.

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