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Excerpt from Chapter 15 - Perceived Essence Contact

Please understand the difficulties here. When you and I discuss feelings and emotions, we often have different words for the same experience. Further, we might use the same word to describe quite different experiences. To really have a clear understanding about described feelings and emotions is challenging indeed. When I attempt to describe perceived essence contact with another, then it becomes even more difficult because it is more a matter of describing qualities of experience rather than strong feelings or emotions.

When I have success here on the physical plane, perhaps some type of job achievement, I tend to feel satisfied. But there has never been a "wow!" or sense of satisfaction associated with any of my contacts with others' essences. Essence contact with another person is in many ways a spiritual experience, so the usual rules for emotions and feelings do not always apply. Every one of my essence contacts with another person has been a gentle lovely experience.

There has never been an urge by my essence to repeat the experience; it stands on its own. Those who pursue peak experiences, however, keep on trying to go back. They are in the web of their adaptive personalities, a web that often drives them to feel-good activities. When I first started having occasional essence contacts with adults, I did try to repeat the experience soon. But, that usually failed because most were just not ready to recognize and/or validate the contacts. In the case of children, who were less covered over and more wide open, then repeats could and would happen, though not at the whim of my conscious personality.

Another quality that has been present in my experiences of essence contact is the lack of the ego wanting something. I do not want more. The present moment is lovely as is. There is no thought in those moments. Delight and gentleness are present and the experience borders on the exquisite. "Naked intimacy" often accurately describes the experience, though actual nakedness is not necessary.

Essence contact is most likely in circumstances where you can be wide-open (fearless). If you are on some psychological or spiritual path that reduces or eliminates your underlying core fears, then essence contact will become more likely for you. If your spiritual paths help you avoid these fears by calling the past "irrelevant now" or "just a story," then essence contact is unlikely for you. Your body will probably reveal its level of tension (fear) by an elevated blood pressure, an increased heart rate and a lowered fingertip temperature.

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