Soul Dance - Dancing With Spirit

Excerpt from Chapter 1 - Overview

I liken your relationship with your soul to a dance. However, it is not an equal partnership. In some ways, your conscious self does control the dance. In many other ways, you are clueless about the intentions of this partner. If you surrender leadership too much or at the "wrong" times, then you avoid Earth School lessons to which your conscious ego would lead you. (Author note: I never imply that "wrong" and "bad" are actually wrong or bad, just that they lead to detours that most of us would prefer to avoid.)

If you don't surrender to your soul enough (by following your neurotic ego's "I wants" too much), then you become stuck in detours that are enticing to your neurotic ego. Consider the widespread spiritual advice about "getting what you want," or "follow your bliss," or "ask and it will be given," or "manifest your destiny," or "create a new life." These pieces of advice will lead you to follow your adaptive ego desires, which often lead to being trapped by too much neurotic ego.

Other New Age teachers and religious leaders give the opposite types of advice: "surrender to God/Christ," "do God's (or some other Higher Being's) will," or "do what your soul wants." These pieces of advice may or may not cause you to align with your soul or God-Tao. If you surrender too much, then necessary lessons will be avoided. Or if your ego is too heavily invested in deciding what God/your-soul wants, then you wind up not following the desires of your soul or God, just your neurotic ego's desires. This I call "wrong" surrender, thinking I am surrendering to my soul or God, but in truth being trapped once again by my neurotic ego.

Spirit Dances

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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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