Dancing With Your Human Soul

Excerpt from Chapter 1 - Overview

I consider learning to dance with your soul is vital if you are to avoid ego-driven detours. I do believe it is the truth that your soul has lessons specifically for you, lessons that do not apply to your neighbor, your friends or your favorite New Age teacher. To discover the dance your soul prefers, I repeat my earlier recommendation to study the Michael Teachings, the Enneagram and the Human Design System.

I think you will find that your soul cannot force you to do anything. Nor can your soul override your neurotic ego, when it is causing you detours. Your soul can give you "soul messages" such as difficult life situations, dreams, intuitions, images, impulses or thoughts. I suggest you pay close attention to these messages from your soul. They may not be easily interpreted. To learn to wisely interpret the soul's messages is a highly advanced part of the dance. Few are so skilled. And, for most people, that is fine.

But, for those older souls following New Age paths, such skill is often likely to be part of their souls' agenda. Are you an older soul who wishes to become more adept at interpreting your soul's messages? If so, this book is designed to help you become more skilled at finding your soul in the confusing spirituality maze.

Reminder - The Spiritual Goal I Recommend: Align With Your Soul .... Unwelcome Truth:Your Adaptive Personality Fears Such Alignment

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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "If the parent doesn't like a natural part of human existence (like sex, anger, tears, love or vulnerability), then the child will often attempt to please that parent by squelching those qualities. As a result the child starts displaying many symptoms."