Traps: Soul Cravings & Everything Is Spiritual

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

Everything Is Spiritual Trap. It is popular with some New Age followers to consider all things as being spiritual; and there is some truth to this belief. Everything does come from the Tao, there is nothing but God and All-That-Is includes all. But that contradicts the actuality that we are here and that we are not very close to God-Tao when we are here. Perhaps we will be "fully" spiritual ultimately; but for now, we have physical lessons to learn. Labeling everything as spiritual can cause us to overlook and try to bypass necessary Earth School lessons.

Soul Cravings or Fears Trap. I think it is a mistake to project the idea of cravings or fears on to my soul. If my soul is working out of a cubbyhole in God's office, as mentioned earlier, then there is no room for anything but love there. My soul has plans to execute, things to arrange and likely goals for me this time around. All these things are better accomplished without physical plane cravings or fears. Those who project such fears on to their souls rarely face their own issues with cravings and fears.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Symptoms of disability include bodily dysfunctions, emotional dysfunctions, thinking difficulties, spiritual belief difficulties, communication problems and undesirable behavior (all important therapy "stuff" discussed in the next few chapters). Because we are integrated beings, our dysfunctions are all interconnected."