Essence (Soul) Contact Sounds Easy

Excerpt from Chapter 15 - Perceived Essence Contact

Yes, it really is easy for a few people to have perceived essence contact, contact with their own essences and/or perceived contact with the essences of others. If I asked you if this was something you wanted, most reading these words would answer strongly with a "yes!" Ongoing success depends heavily upon reduction in fear and a true feeling of peacefulness within.

So how do you get to this state of relative fearlessness? As far as I can tell, there are only two ways: 1. By finding enlightenment and 2. By chipping away at your fears

I described in Chapter 3 how most enlightenment events occurred, during experiences of great agony and suffering. Unhappily, most who do suffer that much do not become enlightened! Excruciating suffering is not a path willingly undertaken on the one-in-a-thousand chance that enlightenment might happen. Therefore, what is left for most of us is a chipping-away process that often takes decades, perhaps our entire lifetimes.

This chapter is most assuredly not a self-help recipe that will result in soul contact for most readers. Instead, I will offer a few personal examples and a few thoughts about my experiences.

I have a soul that like an ample shield Can take in all and verge enough for more. John Dryden, 1631-1700

Meeting in the National Forest

On a recent hike, I encountered a family with a young boy coming towards me. He was about four years old. I had never seen him or his family before. As we met and passed by, there was about one second of eye contact between the boy and me, with a shared sparkle and a wide-open face on his part. (My face was probably also wide-open.) After we passed, I immediately made a right turn onto a different trail. As I glanced back at them, he pointed in my direction and to his family said, "I want to go that way!"

The soul contact happened during that one second of eye contact. While I did perceive it as soul contact in that moment, his later words confirmed for me the validity of the experience for him.

I usually find it easiest to perceive soul contact with small children. This may be true for you too, if you are relaxed around them. Many young kids have not yet acquired an adaptive personality. Therefore, they are wide open and still able to perceive soul contact with others. What is typical of many contacts with others' essences is that it happens and is over in a few seconds. Eye contact is frequent but not essential. Recognized and validated essence contacts are not earthshaking nor what I would call peak experiences. They are lovely, they are gentle and they border on the exquisite. But they are not addictive! I feel no urge to go out today to try to duplicate the experience. If I don't perceive essence contact with anyone else for the next weeks or months, that is OK. No big deal.

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