New Age Channeled Spirits & Entities

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

Those who have psychic gifts (see Chapter 5) usually have the ability to channel higher guides. These guides are available to help us, advise us and teach us; and because they come from the planes of love (i.e., higher than the lower astral plane), their wisdom can be great. The major hang-up is the neurotic ego, which will distort, twist and bend the information that is threatening to that neurotic ego. No person who channels is ever 100% clear and able to bring through all the information clearly and perfectly. The best channels achieve perhaps 85-95% accuracy. Therefore, do not take any channeling on faith. For channeled information (in fact, for all information new to us), we need to verify, verify, verify.

Novice Channeling Traps. A novice channel often believes all his channeling "because it is spiritual." Or, he "must follow the advice given." Or, "it is always the truth, because it comes from higher guides." The beginner always does much channeling for himself and his family, believing in the veracity of the ideas forthcoming. Experienced channels know that the most inaccurate types of channeling happen when channeling personal issues. Almost every channel does personal channeling, but the best channels view all personal channeling with a jaundiced and skeptical eye. What the novice fails to recognize is that channeling is always filtered through the neurotic personality and often is warped there into a form acceptable to that personality. This is even true for "unconscious" channels (i.e., they are not conscious during the channeling).

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "This seems impossible to achieve, to be happy when we get things we don't want. The reason it seems impossible is that we believe we should be unhappy when we don't get what we want. (In all of this, there is the following truth: if we believe such a situation calls for unhappiness, we will be unhappy.)"