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Soul to Soul Contact

Excerpt from Chapter 15 - Perceived Essence Contact

Twenty years ago, my younger golden retriever, Tasha, then eight years old, had a lump diagnosed as a virulent form of cancer. Her prognosis was poor, with a life expectancy of 2-3 months. I believed then (and still do) that pets often provide unwanted growth opportunities for their owners. I immediately start working once again on my own psychological issues associated with my mother's various bouts with cancer during my growing up years. I discovered unfinished work to process; and for a few days, I did as much psychological work as possible.

During those few days, I also did much thinking about Tasha and her life. She was living with me and an ancient golden retriever, Pol, who was becoming increasingly feeble, blind and deaf. She was obviously becoming more insecure with him whenever I needed to leave the two of them by themselves. She "wilted and died" every time I left them, which she had never done in her first seven years. (Dramatic manipulation as displayed by some dogs was not Tasha's way.) Her truth seemed to be that she no longer had a worthy "alpha" dog when I was gone. My thinking jelled into the realization that when Pol died, I would probably need to find some different solution for her. Perhaps an elderly person could enjoy her company for a few hours daily, or perhaps I would need to give her away. More immediately, I needed to make decisions about possible chemotherapy for her. I decided to proceed with the two medications recommended by my vet.

I was then ready to consciously communicate with Tasha's essence. It was simple. I just pictured her in my mind and started talking to her (aloud or not was not important). My approximate words were (while feeling my love for her as I said them): "Thank you for reminding me of my old childhood cancer issues. I think I have resolved them now and I do not think such a reminder is necessary for me any more. On the other hand, if you need cancer in your life, that is fine. I do not intend to hold on to you; if your life is over, so be it. I will offer you help in fighting the cancer with the medications and will do what seems best when Pol goes. I would love to have you around for as long as you want to be here."

Over the next four months, I stopped both medications because of strong negative side effects. She seemed fine. I needed to have Pol put to sleep 15 months after Tasha's original diagnosis, and I took her into the vet a week later. The vet was amazed that she had no signs of the cancer, and he thought she was cured. As the best solution to her needs for more ongoing company than I could provide, within a month I gave her to my sister and aunt. Their vet didn't believe the original diagnosis. Later that year, the cancer returned, and Tasha died almost exactly two years after her original diagnosis.

Thoughts about the Above Story. My communication with her essence was probably not that important in shifting things towards a healthy happy two-year remission. I believe that my psychological work and my thinking about what she needed were essential. My words to her were my truth; if I had felt some holding on to her or lack of acceptance for her choice, I would have acknowledged that to her. Overall, I think we often miss the opportunity to talk with our animals about things that they consciously probably cannot understand. But their higher selves, who are always present, can hear and understand.

A communication between your conscious personality and another's essence (like mine with Tasha) is easy to do and I believe useful to both of you. In one case where I talked this way to a child (in person), his essence was able to shine through nonverbally in reply. Lovely! Your intent is key; when you intend to contact their essence, I believe it will always happen because their higher self is always available to communicate. Whether results favorable to your wants happen is not in your control, and that is OK.

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