Positive Affirmations: What Works, What Doesn't

Excerpt from Chapter 7 - Law Of Attraction

(Author note - the following pages are my suggestions for optimizing your use of the law of attraction. However, this law frequently still will not work.)

Positive Affirmations: What Works, What Doesn't

Positive declarations (I am loving, I earn $3,000 a month, I am willing to change and I weigh 132 lbs) often work to make it happen (whatever we declare). There are many ways to maximize/negate the effectiveness of these affirming statements.

Affirmations must be positive and forward going, something you wish to have happen (manifest). They are your goals, things you wish for, things you desire. Speaking them aloud is usually best.

Some Don'ts. (a) Do not phrase them to emphasize what you are trying to rid yourself of (e.g., "I stop smoking" or "I get rid of my excess weight"- such phrasings accentuate the ideas of smoking/excess weight. (b) Do not use the words "I want" in your affirmations because in English the word "want" carries an alternate meaning of "lack." In effect you are stating, "I lack ___" which is likely to help make your current situation continue. (Use "I wish" or "I desire" or "I have" instead of "I want.") (c) Similarly, do not use the words "I need"; you are likely to remain stuck in your need.

Tip. Your car is an affirmation machine! Say your affirmations aloud and with great enthusiasm while driving down the road. If you are worried about what others might think, say them loudly without moving your lips.

Frequency. In You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay recommends saying affirmations several hundred times every day with no more than 1-2 different affirmations. Others keep a somewhat different schedule, however and have a longer list of affirmations that are voiced perhaps 10 times twice daily.

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