Weight Loss Affirmations (see Chapter 7)

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Weight Loss Affirmations (see Chapter 7)

When I started a new 200-times-a-day affirmation about my own weight (mostly middle age spread), within 24 hours I was feeling yucky, out of sorts, irritable and cranky. You get the picture. This is unhappily a common reaction that you will need to work through in your best fashion. Such a reaction is a clear indicator that there is something psychological that you do not wish to face. So, face it if you can; if all is unclear, ask yourself the question, "How does the current situation (overweight or whatever else you are trying to change) serve me"?

In my case, the issue that day was what I call "God-emptiness." I was overeating at times instead of feeling how empty I felt about the lack of God in my life. The deciphered message was that if I wanted to lose weight I needed to get God more in my life; at the time I "just happened" to be reading Donald Walsch's book Friendship with God.

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