Quick Fix Lazy-Man's Trap - Almost Spiritual Self-Abuse?

Excerpt from Chapter 16 - 5-Year Spiritual Plan

In this era of instant gratification, spirituality is not excluded from such popular demands as instant enlightenment (without pain), instant understanding and instant ecstasy. To work hard for some understanding or spiritual gain is often seen as unnecessary and evidence of inferior spiritual development.

Many New Age folks whine these days about how difficult Jane Roberts is to read and understand. They fail to see how the decades of her persistent growth and deepening development in many different spiritual directions encompass far more knowledge and understanding than can be conveyed in 60-second sound bytes. If you really want to "get" the teachings of the more advanced teachers such as Jane Roberts and Stalking Wolf, then I suggest you make the effort required. Personally, I have spent many hundreds of hours studying the works of these two gifted teachers; yet, I have truly understood only a small fraction of what they have to offer.

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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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